Extending Education Beyond School Walls

The students excitedly identify different native fruits and vegetables during their tour at the LeAD Center.

DILIMAN, Quezon City – The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) takes the opportunity to shape more young minds and raise their awareness on the importance of agriculture and fisheries by opening its doors to elementary students in the metro. Over 100 fourth and fifth grade students from Project 6 Elementary School, together with the faculty staff, recently visited the ATI Central Office and participated in an information-sharing session and educational tour.

Among the areas visited are the ATIng Gulayan ng DA gardens where they learned how to grow food in the backyard. They also toured around the Learning and Discovery (LeAD) Center which showcased information on agricultural extension, the different farming systems in the Philippines, the agricultural value chain, and the use of information and communications technology in agriculture.

“I learned about the different parts of a chicken and what their other uses are. I think I want to grow plants, too, so that I can help feed other people,” Grade 4 student Francesca Venice Torreliza shared after their tour at the LeAD Center. Their visit, held on February 24, 2017, comes after the ATIng Gulayan ng DA street caravan conducted by the Institute in the said school last month.