As the Celebration of Women Continues: ATI Holds Free Seminars on Various Agricultural Topics

During the breakout session on honeybee production and processing

QUEZON CITY – As of 9:10 AM, 186 participants have joined the simultaneous free seminars on various agriculture topics which is being held at Agricultural Training Institute, Diliman, Quezon City today, March 2, 2017.
As part of the week-long celebration of Women’s Month, the free seminars are in line with activity of the Agricultural Training Institute's (ATI) Women in Agriculture Symposium with the theme “Honoring Trailblazing Women in Agriculture” on February 28 – March 3, 2017.
For the morning sessions, virgin coconut oil processing, fruit and vegetable puree processing and honey bee production and processing are simultanesouly being done in ATI Central Office.
The seminars will employ lecture, discussions and demonstrations on the processes based on these topics.
Participants who joined the event were rural women from different regions of the Philippines, Rural Improvement Club (RIC) members and agricultural extension workers. Those who have pre-registered online and walk-in clients from different parts of Metro Manila have also attended the simultaneous seminars.
Organized by ATI through the Partnerships and Accreditation Division, the free seminars are offshoot from the ATIng Gulayan ng DA program which started last year. The program aims to increase awareness and appreciation of the people in the importance of agriculture. Its goal is to strengthen food security not only in the rural areas but in the urban setting as well.
In the afternoon, three topics will also be discussed. These are herbal soap making and processing, seaweeds production and making bags out of water hyacinth.
For more information on the free seminars hosted by ATI, please like ATIng Gulayan ng DA Facebook Page or contact the agency through contact numbers (02) 9298541 or through the Farmes' Contact Center (02) 9822474 or 0920-9462474. (by Larry Illich N. Souribio)