4-H Club of the Philippines, Determined to ‘Make the Best Better’

4-H Club members in Region VI participate in the team-building activities during their summer camp. (photo from ATI RTC-VI)

PHILIPPINES – Hundreds of members of the 4-H Club of the Philippines convened in summer camps, workshops, forums, and other related events in various localities around the country. This was an effort of the Agricultural Training Institute, through its Regional Training Centers (RTCs), to continuously empower young farmers and agricultural enthusiasts in the country.

Held on different dates from March to May this year, these events comprised of various activities for members of the local 4-H Club chapters, including the provincial and municipal presidents. These involved team-building and camping activities, local games, pageants, as well as lectures and seminars.

ATI RTC I spearheaded a consultation, assessment, planning workshop, and organizational strengthening, while RTC VII marked their 27th Regional Farm Family Congress simultaneously with their 4-H Youth Camp. Candle-lighting ceremonies were also held, symbolizing the hopes, dreams, and plans of the 4-H Club to the farm youth throughout the country.

Aside from the 4-H Club members, officials of the local government and regional offices of the Department of Agriculture, officers of the local 4-H Volunteer Leaders Association of the Philippines, and other partners also took part in the activities in their respective regions.

The 4-H Club is an organization of out-of-school youth and in-school youth involved in agriculture programs and livelihood projects for the four-fold development of the Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. At present, 4-H Club has around 90,000 members with ages 15 to 30 years old.

Since the 1940s, the 4-H Club has been providing the youth opportunities to “learn by doing” through individual, group, and community projects. Through these efforts, the organization instills in the youth the spirit of volunteerism, cooperation, dignity of labor as well as promotes fellowship, understanding, and goodwill.