ATI Holds Third Batch on Agriculture and Fishery Extension Strategic Planning for 2017-2022

Mr. Richard Ruiz- Former Center Director, Regional Training Center Region 11 discusses the Strategic Planning Framework

DILIMAN, Quezon City---In order to develop the agriculture and fishery strategic plan for 2017-2022,Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) held the third batch of Training of Trainers on Agricultural and Fishery Extension Strategic Planning for 2017-2022.

The workshop was attended by participants from the different ATI Regional Training Centers and their partner state universities and colleges represented by their planning officers and technical staff.

Spearheaded by the ATI’s Policy and Programs Development Division, this is the first activity under the umbrella on the Development of the AFE Strategic Plan; sub-activities are Training of Trainers, Regional and National AFE Strategic Planning, Experts’ Review and Key Stakeholders consultation.

Following the theme "Laying the Groundwork for Strong and Vibrant Rural Communities," the four-day activity covered topics like Facilitating Skills; Review of the National Extension Agenda and Programs 2011-2016 and draft for 2017-2022; and Philippine Agriculture and Fishery Extension: Status and Impact of ASEAN Economic Integration; and Strategic Planning Frameworks specifically on (1) Why formulate an AFE Strategic Plan (2) Guiding Principles for AFE Planning and (3) AFE Strategic Plan Pathways.

Other topics discussed were on Looking Back to the Past and the Present; Tolerating an AFE State to Shape the Future; Analyzing AFE Problems; Depicting a desired AFE Future; Defining the AFE Vision; Formulating the AFE Mission and Core Values; Charting Desired AFE Results; Documenting Important Assumptions; Devising the AFE Results Matrix; Approximating Resource Requirements; Packaging AFE Strategic Plan and Planning AFE initiatives and Preparing the Trainers’ Regional Action Plan.

The first batch of the training was conducted last March 10 to 13 with the participants from Luzon, while the second batch for the Visayas regions happened last March 17 to 20 and the third were the Mindanao participants. Each of the major islands were represented from first to third batch.

“We hope to formulate stronger and more competitive plans for ATI and its partners,” said Lynde D. Calipes, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, ATI Regional Training Center XIII.

The third batch of the activity is being conducted at the Rural Development Education Center, ATI, Diliman Quezon City from March 24 to 27, 2015.