ATI Inculcates Transformational Leadership Among DA Mid-level Managers

Ms. Maria Luz Roncesvalles facilitating a group exercise

DILIMAN, Quezon City – Geared at increasing job performance of mid-executive in the Department of Agriculture’s (DA) line agencies, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) completed the third part of the Training Program for the Middle Level Managers on Transformational Leadership at the Rural Development Education Center (RDEC) in ATI Central Office compound in this city last June 3 to 5, 2014.

The training course covered major topics on appreciative inquiry as well as interpersonal relations and teamwork with specific focus on: defining appreciative inquiry; developing an appreciative culture; surfacing and clustering of common themes from phase 1 to 2; skills needed in facilitating appreciative inquiry process; and application of appreciative inquiry in different context.  All the discussions and exercises were facilitated by Maria Luz Roncesvalles of the Asian School of Development and Cross-Cultural Studies.

This three-day activity was participated by 32 mid-level managers from the various bureaus and attached agencies of the DA.  It was conducted by ATI’s Career Development and Management Division.