ATI Ensures Strategic Planning on Agriculture & Fisheries Development for a Resilient Local Governance

ATI-Director Asterio P. Saliot hurls a challenge to the participants and gets serious with the issue of climate change.

DILIMAN, Quezon City -- Adjusting to imminent change and defying climate extremity is a farmer’s and extension worker’s fool-proof approach to further sustain agriculture and fisheries development.

With all the natural calamities the country have gone through lately, it is imperative to know and implement a set of adjustment measures to avert  loss in agricultural productivity and market efficiency while ensuring the protection and preservation of the environment and maintain equity among small farmers and fisher folk.  
Aptly titled “Charting the Future: Development of the Provincial LGUs Climate Change Proof Agriculture and Fisheries Strategic Plan”, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) organized the timely training-workshop which intends to capacitate the Local Government Units (LGUs) in their planning proficiency for agricultural development.
ATI Director Asterio P. Saliot in his welcome message remarked that “One of the goals of ATI is to facilitate in the greening of cities on food and the environment---and ATI has spearheaded consultations in Urban Agriculture. Ideally, we wanted to have a bill so that urban areas will be encouraged to produce their own food and grow their vegetables in their backyards.

He added that "the Department of Agriculture caters to the needs of the LGUs but we need to know the basic idea of FMR, which is connecting the production area to the market. I am personally thanking you all for coming over because this is a serious matter; and we will include tackling Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation as a tall order from the Secretary.”    

During the training-workshop proper, the provincial governors presented their priority programs which later on will be refined further upon consultation with their constituents in their respective provinces.  Target priorities are the poor provinces and those areas which were severely struck by natural calamities. Inclusive to the event were a Strategic Planning Workshop, Climate Change: Adaptation & Mitigation Initiatives in Agriculture, Environmental Scanning and the refinement of the respective LGUs’ of their Vision/Mission Statement.  
It was known earlier that the League of Governors as represented by Governor Alfonso Umali requested ATI to convene provincial governors, provincial planning development officers and provincial agriculturists which all were involved to the adjustment measures, to come up with Strategic Agriculture and Fishery Development Plans in the provincial level which will cover CY 2015 to 2020.
The training-workshop is held in three separate dates which ran from February 19 to 21, February 26 to 28 and on March 12 to 14, 2014 comprising of three batches at the Rural Development Education Center (RDEC) in Diliman, Quezon City.