DBM Releases Rationalized Organizational Structure for ATI

ATI's New Organizational Structure

 MANILA -- The Department of Budget and Management has just recently released the approved organizational structure for the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI). This is in line with the Philippine Government's Rationalization Program that aims to improve the efficiency of government services by focusing on its vital functions and channel resources to the public services.

The new organizational structure of ATI effective October 10, 2013 is comprised of four divisions at the Central Office -- i.e., Policy and Planning Division, Information Services Division, Career Development and Management Division and Partnerships and Accreditation Division. The ATI Network retains its 15 regional training centers and the International Training Center on Pig Husbandry.

Following the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Executive Order no. 366 dated October 4, 2004, the Institute has started reviewing the necessary actions for its streamlined functions and its affected personnel. 

approved ati organizational structure & positions for ati central office.pdf1.84 MB