Senior Citizens, Differently-abled Persons trained on Organic Farming

Hands-on activity on the preparation of NFTS inputs

IBAAN, Batangas - Due to its continuing commitment to promote organic agriculture, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) recently conducted a Training on Organic Agriculture Production Technologies focusing on the enhancement of knowledge and skills of the senior citizens and differently-abled individuals.  The five-day training vowed to make the participants become aware of the National Organic Agriculture Program (NOAP) and encourage them to practise organic agriculture. The training also intended to raise the awareness of the participants in health and wellness through organic food.
Organic agriculture production technologies had been discussed by various resource speakers who are organic practitioners themselves. Participants enjoyed hands-on activities on the preparation of natural farming technology inputs like the fermented fruit juice (FFJ), fermented plant juice (FPJ) and many others.  Their farm visits to different OA venues helped them experience first-hand learning thru on-the-spot discussions.
Utilizing various methodologies like participatory learning thru lecture-discussion, open forum, demonstration and field visits, the participants were expected to come up with practical application of organic production practices and technologies.  They were also expected to incorporate in their day to day living the benefits of production and consumption of organic food. 
The training was held at Kahariam Farms last September 4 to 7, 2012. (with reports from Mr. Geo Geno G. Padilla)