Etiquette Seminar-Workshop for ATI Frontline Service Providers Held

Ms. Bullas, RP on Etiquette Workshop for Frontliners (Photo by Darwin C. Bibit)

DILIMAN, Quezon City --- "Make customers feel important"...
People are a key factor in an organization`s success. An unintentional breach of etiquette can lead to conflict and unnecessary tension which could tar the whole image of an organization. A person`s impression of the agency starts when clients walk through the entrance door and are greeted and attended to by the front desk personnel or the person who answers the telephone. 
With this, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) made it a point to retool or refresh the frontliners or the people who deals with clients on a daily basis for them to uphold the Institiute`s corporate image as the forefront of extension in the agricultural sector and to maintain the effective implementation of ATI`s Citizen`s Charter through a seminar- workshop dubbed as "Etiquette Workshop for Frontline Service Providers."
The activity focused on key communication skills, particularly on the major functions of telephone and frontline roles to provide excellent quality service to customers. Likewise, it has been a venue for the discussion on increasing their effectiveness in projecting a professional image, relationship building, information exchange, active listening, complaints handling and generating greater clients` satisfaction and loyalty. Various types of participatory adult learning methodologies such as structured learning activities, simulations, skills drill relays, role plays, value clarifications and workshops were applied.
Around 42 selected staff from the ATI Central Office and ATI Training Centers from International Training Center on Pig Husbandry (ITCPH), Cordillera Administrative Region, regions I, II, III, IV-B and V attended the event. 
A well-rounded speaker and full of wisdom, Maria Merceditas B. Bullas, Chief Personnel Specialist and Press Relations Officer of the Civil Service Commission - Central Office discussed the following topics: Service Excellence and its Importance; Developing a Customer-Oriented Service Culture; Moments of Truth; Creating Service Excellence Environment Through Customer Feedback; Understanding Ourselves and the Customers; Skills in Building Customer Satisfaction and the Challenge to Service. 
Bullas showed how a customer or client is satisfied with the service through the Cycle of Service exercise. She noted that a customer is satisfied with the service if he or she comes back for a repeat transaction. Otherwise, the cycle would be broken -- "You lose a customer and you lose business." 
Before the activity ended, ATI Director Asterio P. Saliot encouraged the participants to "look yourself beyond yourselves and sacrfice if possible, for others, just to be of service to our customers." He added further, "If one has open hands, blessings will be returned hundredfolds, just believe in yourself and believe in God." 
The two-day activity was held on October 24 to 25, 2012 at the ATI Serrano Hall in this city.