More than just training

“An island that glimmers with natural luster.” This is how travellers describe Lubang Island. With its vast farmlands, virgin beaches, crystal blue sea and amazing marine life, no wonder, tourists cannot ignore its unparalleled natural beauty. In fact, for those who want to be alone, Lubang is a perfect place for a hideaway.

There must be more to this place than just the famous and serene beaches. Despite its popularity as a tourist hotspot, Lubang has managed to preserve its magnificent jewel- its traditions. One of the traditions that Lubang must proud of is the “flower bidding” or known as “bulaklakan” – an inimitable festive season of flowers, music and dancing.

This is a joyful celebration for thanks giving to the Blessed Virgin Mary and lasts for the entire month of May. Nine days of pair dancing for children. Nine days of disco for adults. Nine days of serenade for youth and “santacruzan” on the last day of the month.

In our five days stay in the island, we were all lucky to witness the groovy steps of children and adults skipping in the loudness of music. We saw in their eyes the long hidden happiness that no one could ever take away from them. Their amusing laughter and spectacular dance moves confirmed that Lubang is more than just nature’s tranquil haven- it is a blessed paradise of hospitality.

We also stunned with the gorgeous town belles and escorts under the hand-carried bamboo arches adorned by fragrant flowers during the colorful pageant parade. Leading the procession is Reyna Elena followed by the beautiful maidens who endlessly waving their hands showing their radiant smiles.

“Bulaklakan” is not only a month of pleasure but a festival for a cause. It is a kind of fund raising gala, while the owner of a flower is boogieing on the dance floor with the mellow sound of flute, everyone could bid for any amount. As a prize, the highest bidder could take home an extravagant reward – a lechon and two cases of beer.

As the flute continues to rejoice its magical pitch, they are also cheering for the good purpose of the festival. The money they raised from the flower bidding will be used for the development of the municipality. They are certain that they are not only helping the people in the community but the island as a whole.

Come and experience the rich and colorful tradition of the locals. Like us, have a cultural great time in Lubang Island.