First Collaborative Meeting of SOA on OA

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success”.

This statement from Alexander Graham Bell is truly applies to the recently concluded “collaborative meeting” headed by the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) in MiMaRoPa in partnership with the Office of the Provincial Agriculture and the Municipalities of Tablas Island in the province of Romblon such as Alcantara, Sta. Fe, San Andres, San Agustin, Odiongan, Calatrava, Looc, Ferrol and Romblon, Romblon.

During the meeting, the participants were informed on the objectives and guidelines of the School-on-the-Air (SOA) Program on Organic Agriculture. The topics, schedule of activities, target of enrolees of each municipality were also finalized. Moreover, the participants were educated on their roles as partners of ATI-MiMaRoPa in the implementation of the SOA program in the province.

On the other hand, to facilitate the flow of the program, the anchors and resource persons were identified in the meeting. It was agreed that the days and time of airings of the program will be based on the results of the training needs assessment survey. Moreover, a “SOA Text Promo” and contest on “Best Technology Demo Farm” will be included in the program to motivate the possible enrolees to listen to the airings of the SOA.

The program is a great opportunity of the farmers in the province of Romblon to increase their knowledge in organic agriculture principles and concepts in improving their crop management practices. This will focus on organic vegetable production, starting from seeds selection to seedbed preparation, water and nutrient management, pest and diseases identification and control, harvesting as well as post harvest treatment.

The SOA program with the theme “Matambok, Mabaskog, Nagakita sa Organikong Pag-uuma” will start on April 22, 2017 and will be aired twice a week for two months.

The first but definitely not the last collaborative meeting was actively attended by 17 participants on March 8, 2017 at the Community Outreach Center, Romblon State University, Odiongan, Romblon.