Updates on Techno-Demo on Large Scale Propagation of Cassava and Complementary Set-Up of Cassava Cultivar Nursery in Region IV-B

The three (3) established cassava sites are now on its seventh month. Different activities for the three sites are being done simultaneously. Application of fertilizer (complete and urea) at Arangain, Naujan, while weeding and application of Zinc Phosphide for rat management and continuous side dressing of fertilizer at Pinyahan, Naujan.

Unlike other crops, cassava was not seriously affected by several typhoons that passed this month. Aside from the delay of fertilizer application and damage on the tarpaulins intended for the site, no other major problems were encountered for this month’s production.

The entire cassava team was also having a meeting from time to time with the center’s finance staff regarding the expansion of the Conduct of Techno-demo on Large-scale Propagation of Cassava and the Complementary Set- Up of Cassava Cultivar Nursery to be established at Oriental Mindoro and Marinduque. At the moment, TWG are now finalizing the schedule of activities and will start working on the expansion once the budget roll up.