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May 19 2017

BOAC, Marinduque - In 2016, the Province of Marinduque was severely hit by the Typhoon Nina resulting to damage in agriculture and fisheries, coastal and infrastructure. Thus, the people in Marinduque, particularly the farmers have been experiencing difficulties on how to recover from their losses. Some government and private sectors had already aided them with the basic needs; however, with...

May 10 2017

“An island that glimmers with natural luster.” This is how travellers describe Lubang Island. With its vast farmlands, virgin beaches, crystal blue sea and amazing marine life, no wonder, tourists cannot ignore its unparalleled natural beauty. In fact, for those who want to be alone, Lubang is a perfect place for a hideaway.

May 02 2017

Many government and non-government organizations have found new and interesting methods of empowering rural women and providing them with means to sustain a livelihood. Many of these women are either out of work, or work in low paid professions traditionally assigned to women like domestic help. We need to empower them socially, equip them with a range of skills and knowledge to enable them to...

Apr 24 2017

With the theme “Together Towards Tomorrow”, the Agricultural Training Institute - Regional Training Center MiMaRoPa spearheaded the Regional Summer Youth Camp and Farm Family Forum of MiMaRoPa in collaboration with the Regional Field Office MiMaRoPa and Provincial Government of Occidental Mindoro. This aims to give the youth and rural-based organizations opportunity to showcase their talents...


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Bacolod tour provides further information about organic farming systems that are applicable to the operations of the organization, we also acquired some tips especially on the management practices...

Paulo Umali, FORUM(Farmers Organization for the Rural Upliftment of Orienta | Tue, 04/10/2012

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Sometimes it only takes a simple project, a chance meeting, or maybe, running into an unknown word to ignite an interest that may guide a student into the future. With a kilo of cooked adlai, molasses and molds and a passion for research, a young student shows that a grade seven is not too young to become a scientist.

When it comes to being scientist, 11 isn't too young. Just ask...