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Jul 20 2017

Many people move away from home to study. But in case of Randy Lanot, a 21-year old out-of-school youth (OSY) and 4H member from Brooke’s Point, leaving his family and friends behind for a month while staying in a family you haven’t met nor heard before is hard. But for the sake of learning and experience, he responded to the call of Adopt-a-Youth Program of ATI-MiMaRoPa.

Together with...

Jul 10 2017

After six months of extending services to its clientele, the staff of ATI-MiMaRoPa took a break from work and enjoyed its team building activities as part of the 1st semester mid-year assessment and 2nd semester planning workshop held on July 3 - 7, 2017 in ATI, Barcenaga, Naujan, Oriental Mindoro and in Occidental Mindoro.

Jun 30 2017

ROMBLON, Romblon - In order to help vulnerable families to recover and restore food security for their families and communities, ATI-MiMaRoPa launched livelihood opportunities to 25 farm families in Brgy. Macalas, Romblon, Romblon held on June 28, 2017 as part of the Climate Resilient Livelihood Project.

This project aims to operationalize a responsive training and extension...

Jun 20 2017

The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) - Regional Training Center - MiMaRoPa has started the regional roll-out of training program entitled “Enabling AgriDoc: A New Breed of Agricultural Development and Extension Officers of the Community” on May 31, 2017 at ATI-MiMaRoPa, Barcenaga, Naujan, Oriental Mindoro.


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"Isang panibagong hamon, isang panibagong karanasan at panibagong kaalaman ang aking natutunan dito sa limang araw na training na ito. Ang mga kaalamang aming natutunan ay dapat pa naming...

Menard Medina, Participant of Refresher Course for Local Farmer Technicians | Fri, 05/09/2014

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Sometimes it only takes a simple project, a chance meeting, or maybe, running into an unknown word to ignite an interest that may guide a student into the future. With a kilo of cooked adlai, molasses and molds and a passion for research, a young student shows that a grade seven is not too young to become a scientist.

When it comes to being scientist, 11 isn't too young. Just ask...