Success Stories

Over the years, ATI has observed and documented success stories among its clients as a result of its Extension programs. These success stories are living proof of the Institute’s undying effort to provide an improved and proactive extension service to the agriculture sector.

Two of the most commonly used proverbs and mottos by Pinoys, “Kung may tiyaga may nilaga” and “Education is the key to success”, best describes how four out-of-school youths from Albay were able to battle their needs against success.
Having zero background in agriculture and getting involved onto it is no longer new. There are lot of enthusiasts all over the world into farming acquiring firsthand knowledge and experience thru experiments, pushed by their own advocacy.
A chef tends to live both the culinary world and farming.
Can someone teach if one does not know how to listen and feel? Challenged by his father during his college years, Mr. Antonio Padayao Jr. commonly called ‘Sir Padayao’ by students and ‘Sir Toni’ by his colleagues has experienced pressure upon his pursuit of his achievements today. An agricultural teacher by profession, majoring in crop science turns to be an expert on...
 Who would have thought that an Aeronautical Engineer by profession finds himself madly and deeply into pig farming and chooses it over what he is more than qualified for? Well for this man, his heart’s rhythm tracks a cost. If he doesn’t follow it, he would have to spend the rest of his life wishing he had. That’s why, he did.
 When you keep doing things that you love most, the things that you love, in turn, keep riches for you. What riches? Those that can’t, by any existing currencies, be bought, say, happiness, fulfilment and respect.