Two of the most commonly used proverbs and mottos by Pinoys, “Kung may tiyaga may nilaga” and “Education is the key to success”, best describes how four out-of-school youths from Albay were able to battle their needs against success.

“Education is the key to success.”

From carpentry to pig husbandry! Yes this used to be their field before getting into pig breeding. And education? ITCPH became their ground.

In 2012, four OSYs, Bert, Mark, Vin and Ber were educated of artificial insemination upon taking a one week course on AI at ATI-ITCPH. Aside from working as construction workers, these four boys used to assist Sir Greg at servicing artificial insemination at the community. Getting involved with this kind of work was their only background on pigs. Seeing their dedication, Sir Greg, a boss and a friend at the same time, decided to lend a helping hand.

Sir Greg covered their training fees. Theoretically and practically educated at ITCPH, the carpenters became AI technicians. Their former and present work still remain to be outdoors. But in greater prospect, aside from receiving a bigger income as AI technicians, they have escaped the hazardous effect of their previous work to their health.

Being friends with the blazing sun and pouring rain is no joke to one’s health. At least now, they have built something new. It’s the knowledge and skill that brought them on building their clients trust towards the attainment of good breeds and pig production thru AI.

“Kung may tiyaga may nilaga.”

Since 1999, Gregorio Durante was already a pig raiser. Only in 2005 when he decided to have his own AI business. The theories on artificial insemination course, which is one of ITCPH major courses encouraged him to start his own AI business.

“Bara-bara”, as he calls what he used to practice before, was improved. “Yung mga maliliit na bagay sa AI, yun pala yung mga pinaka mahahalaga.”, as he quotes what he learnt on the AI course of ITCPH.

Being an extension worker, Sir Greg had a hard time putting up his AI business. Knowing that his clients during work and at his own business are on the same line of needs, speculations were there. Weekends are considered his only personal time. His wife, who also attended a meat processing course at ITCPH became his most responsible ally.

Nurse by profession, reading her husband’s hand-outs used during the training became her past time. Committed to support their children’s education, she was able to learn.

Through time, his wife became a skilled pig raiser. Getting trained by his husband, no division of work was made. His wife manages a 20 sow-level farm together with their four OSYs. Getting each of them assigned in respective areas, they are able to cater approximately a hundred clients, among Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Catanduanes and almost the whole of Albay.


Sir Greg’s AI business was never a plan. Guided by his learnings from ITCPH it became a business.  After attending the course in ITCPH, he tried to use a boar for AI purposes. Whenever they make profit, he buys another boar. Without knowing it, their success was taking ahead of them. It boomed! Currently, ten boars are now in use.

“Sa AI tiyagaan lang” quoted Sir Greg as there was never a capital allotted to their AI business as compared to other pig entrepreneurs.