Exploring The Province Of Palawan: An Expository Tour of the ATI-ITCPH Family

Lipa City, Batangas - 2009 was the flagship year for the Agricultural Training Institute-International Training Center on Pig Husbandry (ATI-ITCPH). The Center received an award and recognition from none other than the Civil Service Commission (CSC). It was chosen as one of the winners for CSC Pag-asa Award Group Category. ATI-ITCPH shared the award with the Camarines Norte Water District.

Athough the ATI-ITCPH has been gaining success in providing extension services to its various clients, it also recognizes the need to empower and capacitate its staff through continuous human resource development. The Center believes that the staff should be in line with the ever changing pig production technology.

Thus, a 3-day expository tour in Palawan was conducted last December 16-19, 2009. There were 24 employees who joined the trip.

This Expository Tour was supported by ATI’s Expanded Human Resource Development Program (EHRDP) for agriculture and fisheries modernization. EHRDP is a program that provides quality education and training for social progress and total human development to workers in the government and the future agricultural workers in the country.
This 3-day activity enabled the staff to: 1. Be exposed to the programs and activities of the local government units and offices in the Province of Palawan (in particular San Vicente and Puerto Princesa City); 2. Gather information about “strategies of implementation” employed in these offices; 3. Select appropriate strategies that could be duplicated at ATI-ITCPH; 4. Observe the different successful projects in the area; and 5. Share their own experiences to the LGUs and offices visited.

The group visited the piggery farm of Ariel Colongon (a successful alumnus) which has a deepFarm staff at Ayie's pig farm. litter system, an integrated farm, ostrich farm, breeding center and other projects of the LGU.
Well, of course this tour was not only educational! It was also a “bonding time” amongst the staff, a chance to relax away from the regular chores at the four corners of the office and a sight seeing tour - rolled into one. Again we hope to have another activity such as this for the years to come!

(Our deepest gratitude to our alumni in Palawan: Ayie, Dok Pio, Gomer, Mang Man, Philip, and Dok Teddy! Also to Mr. Jose C. Alvarez and the kind-hearted people of San Vicente LGU especially Municipal Agriculturist Rufino Clavecilla, our BIG THANK YOU…) 


A generator run by biogasStaff listens to MA Rufino Clavecilla as he talks about the development plans of San Vicente.