"Raise pigs and be an Entrepreneur!" 
  ATI-ITCPH training

ATI-ITCPH provides you with training courses to enhance your knowledge and skills. Its courses include:

  • Regular training programs on pig husbandry and related disciplines such as Artificial Insemination, Waste Management, Meat Processing, and Animal Feedmilling Technology.
  • Farm Personnel Management Course with emphasis on handling and motivating farm workers.
  • Tailor-Made Courses to support the training needs of the private sector.
  • Off-Center Courses to suit the technology needs of the various local government units and farmers’ cooperatives or organizations.
  • E-Learning Course to cater to those who cannot be physically present to attend the training at ATI-ITCPH.
  • Entrepreneurship Course. The Center believes that your basic and advanced technological knowledge should be coupled with entrepreneurial skills, a mindset to make self-employment a viable career option for you.


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