Technology Demonstration

"To see is to believe..."


Visit ATI-ITCPH's 120-sow level farm and see it for yourself. Our training farm showcases the 3 levels of production in swine raising.

The Very Small Unit (VSU) uses locally-available materials for housing. It represents the 'low-input' or backyard type of pig raising. 

The Small Unit (SU) represents the medium-scale type of production.

The Commercial Unit (CU) (right photo) and Module II Farm (left photo) show the commercial type of production. It uses the more advanced type of housing and equipment which is capital-intensive.

From these units, you can choose the type of production that would suit your needs and capital.


Aside from the training farm, you can also observe how the Center operates an AI Boar Center and process semen for farm use and commercial purposes. All these facilities are used for training and demonstration purposes.

Participants, students and visitors are welcome!