Networking and Linkages

...building partnerships and strengthening linkages with...

  • government agencies
  • non-government organizations
  • state colleges and universities
  • local government units
  • private companies


ATI-ITCPH and partners work together to improve the life of rural-based communities. In the past years, the Center has established linkages with organizations and companies.


Conduct of off-center courses
Printing of the Center's Tagalog manual, "Panimulang Aklat sa Pag-aalaga ng Baboy"





Printing of ATI-ITCPH Newsletter
Printing of Basic Pig Keeping Manual
Conduct of off-center courses





Conduct of Seminar on Profits of Piglet Management for small to medium scale pig farmers

Printing of the Center's corporate information materials and techno-based materials






Conduct of off-center courses as part of the Company's Farm Management School

Printing of the Center's Most Asked Questions in AI



 BMEGBMEG - San Miguel Foods Inc.

Conduct of off-center courses on Swine AI

Technical seminars at ATI-ITCPH

Provide feeds for AI Boars



Conduct of "Pig Management School" for its clients at the ATI-ITCPH