Knowledge Products

Corporate and techno-based knowledge products are developed and published as part of the information dissemination program of the Center.



ITCPH Newsletter

ATI-ITCPH publishes and distributes 4 issues of the ITCPH Newsletter annually. The newsletter contains latest technical information on pig technology, current trainings conducted at the Center, success stories of ITCPH alumni and other updates. Novartis, one of the leading animal health pharmaceutical companies in the country sponsors the printing of the ITCPH Newsletter.

Annual Report

It is a complete compilation of the Center's accomplishments for the year. The report details the activities of the different sections vis-a-vis their targets. Future directions of the Center is also presented in the report.

Course Brochure

It is a 1-page leaflet containing a brief description of the courses being offered by the Center.

Training Calendar


This is a promotional material containing the schedule of training and fees.




These publications discuss in details the different practices necessary for a productive swine production. They are:

“Gabay sa Pag-aalaga ng Biik” (Piglet Management)

This 14-page booklet presents the basic principles of proper management of piglets, from birth to weaning, to ensure optimum growth and performance. It is published jointly with UNAHCO, a partner organization of the ATI-ITCPH.



Injection Techniques in Pigs

 A 9-page booklet designed to provide basic guidelines on drug administration in swine. It also discusses the recommended injection techniques in swine medicine, along with the steps to ensure that medications are given properly. The source of the information in this pamphlet is the Health Manual prepared by the Center’s technical staff and the book, Pig Signals: Look, Think and Act. 



 “Gabay sa Pag-aalaga ng Palakihing Baboy” (Finisher Management)


 A 16-page booklet showing basic steps and principles to produce finishers efficiently. It also includes the proper transport and handling of market pigs. It is being printed by UNAHCO.  




 “Gabay sa Pangangalaga sa Dumi ng Baboy” (Guide to Waste Management)

 A 10-page booklet enumerating the steps and principles of waste management. It contains guidelines on how to properly dispose waste for an environment-friendly pig farm! The booklet also contains a diagram of a simple biogas set-up featuring the tubular polyethylene digester or TPED. 




 “AI sa Barangay” (Guide to Basic Artificial Insemination)

A booklet summarizing the principles of swine Artificial Insemination (AI). It explains the advantages and limitations of AI, basic steps in semen processing, storage of boar semen, techniques in heat detection and timing of insemination. A very practical guide for swine raisers practicing AI! 



Educational V/CDS

 ATI-ITCPH produced V/CDs on Artificial Insemination in Pigs, Health Problems in Swine, and Biogas Production: Alternative Pig Waste Management System. They contain technical information on the topics mentioned above. These materials explain and illustrate the procedures involved in the AI process and Waste management technology.