ATI-ITCPH strengthened its online learning since it joined the Agricultural Training Institute's e-Extension Program for Agriculture and Fisheries.
ATI's e-Extension Program for Agriculture and Fisheries aims to provide, integrate and harmonize the delivery of electronic extension services to extension workers in the country. It is a program implemented in collaboration with other agencies of the Department of Agriculture (DA) and other departments. With this program, ATI would be able to fast track the transfer of technical information and extension services to its clientele.
The e-Extension Program has 3 components; namely e-Learning, e-Farming, and e-Trading. The e-Learning component offers online information resources on different commodities like corn, durian, goat, etc. Also, it has digital learning resources which can be downloaded for free or with payment. E-Farming, on the other hand, provides advisory services, assistance and agricultural marketing services. Online trading is emphasized in e-Trading. The e-Trading component would be a venue for farmers and stakeholders to engage in business with one another.
For our part, ATI-ITCPH would develop and further improve its existing pig production modules under this program.