Center Director Alexander C. Castillo retires from Government Service

After 35 years in government service, Center Director Alexander C. Castillo decided to retire.
He spent 14 years in ATI-ITCPH as head of the Center. Under his leadership, the Center was able to strengthen its partnerships with the private sector. New courses were also developed to meet the demands of the times and be able to give appropriate trainings to ATI-ITCPH’s clientele.
He is a “makamasang” leader because he stands for the sake of the common people and be comfortable with them, which reflects his days back when he was a student at the University of the Philippines at Los Ba┼łos.
As a leader, he is the type who gives freedom to his employees on how to get the job done. He is a participatory leader and usually consults the staff regarding the matters at hand. He gives credit and acknowledges good performances which encourages the staff to perform well.
For his retirement, he has already started building his farm in Quezon. But he is still open to consultation works if needed.