About the Center

ATI-ITCPH...the only specialized training center on pigs in Asia and the Pacific Region!

Center Background

ATI-International Training Center on Pig Husbandry (ATI-ITCPH) is one of the 17 training centers of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) whose mother agency is the Department of Agriculture.

ATI-ITCPH takes pride in its comprehensive and practice-oriented trainings on swine production and related aspects. Its "learning by doing" principle enhances not only your knowledge but moreso, your skills on improved swine management. The Center's course curricula are carefully evaluated to suit your specific working conditions, and needs of our various valued clientele.

ATI-ITCPH Clientele

ATI-ITCPH is a government-training center dedicated to the empowerment of our clientele to enable them to achieve their goals of productivity and profitability. Our clientele includes (non) government extension workers, farmers, entrepreneurs, private extension service providers, agricultural teachers and professors, members of rural-based organizations and cooperatives, and interested private individuals.