Brief History

The Center started in June 1985 as a foreign-assisted project under the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) and was initially located at the Alabang Stock Farm in Muntinlupa. It was jointly established by the Philippine and Netherlands governments.

They conducted their courses in different places. Lectures were done in a residential house in BF Homes Parañaque which was also used as the participants' dormitory. For practical classes, the participants were transported in a tractor to the Stockfarm.

Its pioneer employees were hired as contractual workers and mostly from BAI. Some of these pioneers went to Lipa City in 1989 although they were not assured of a permanent position in the government.

The maiden issue of the ITCPH Newsletter was published in December 1986.

Between 1988 to 1989, the Management Team of the ITCPH Project shopped for a suitable "home". And, they found a suitable site in Lipa City with the land provided by the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) Regional Office. The 7.2 hectare land was previously planted with guyabano trees and "talahib" grass. In 1989, ITCPH finally settled in its present location in Marawoy, Lipa City.

In September 1989, ITCPH was inaugurated under the Bureau of Animal Industry. During the second phase of the project, the Center was institutionalized under the Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Training Institute with 39 plantilla positions, a remarkable event that signified that ITCPH is here to stay even after the Netherlands assistance.

Initially, ITCPH offered only 4 courses, namely: National Course for Extensionists, Agricultural Teachers Course, International Course and Private Course for Semi-Commercial Swine Raisers. Now, the Center is offering 13 different courses on pigs and its related aspects.

In 1998, it became a regular government agency. It became the only specialized training center of ATI.

Since then, ATI-ITCPH had continued to sustain and improve its programs and services.