Welcome to the ATI-International Center on Pig Husbandry

ATI-ITCPH Lipa CityThe ATI-ITCPH Difference...

the only training center in Asia specializing on pig husbandry ...classroom instructions coupled with practical classes, following the principle of "learning by doing" thru hands-on training

intensive guidance by highly competent technical staff whose local and international trainings include both large and small-scale pig farming practices

well-equipped facilities modest accommodations at the ATI-ITCPH Dormitory and Guest House


Oct 22 2014

Let us welcome the new Officer-in-Charge of ATI-ITCPH, Dr. Ruth Miclat-Sonaco.


Oct 20 2014

ATI-ITCPH organized two (2) expository tours for the focal persons of livestock from the different ATI regional training centers and DA regional field offices. The Center divided the group into two (2), the Luzon group and the Vis-Min group. The Luzon group went to Regions 10 and 11 on February 10-14 while the Vis-Min group...

Oct 20 2014

Two (2) batches of interns worked at the Center’s training farm. These students came from the Bicol University College of Agriculture and Forestry (BUCAF) and Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA).


Oct 17 2014

For the first quarter, ATI-ITCPH was able to conduct its scheduled courses. A total of five (5) courses were completed for government and non-government representatives, and two (2) for private individuals.