Welcome to the ATI-International Center on Pig Husbandry

ATI-ITCPH Lipa CityThe ATI-ITCPH Difference...

the only training center in Asia specializing on pig husbandry ...classroom instructions coupled with practical classes, following the principle of "learning by doing" thru hands-on training

intensive guidance by highly competent technical staff whose local and international trainings include both large and small-scale pig farming practices

well-equipped facilities modest accommodations at the ATI-ITCPH Dormitory and Guest House


Apr 24 2014

Targets vs. Accomplishments…What have we done and what did we not accomplish in 2013?
Aside from the old thing regarding the reports on what the Center accomplished vis-à-vis its targets, the Annual Review and Planning Workshop had a different twist this time. It was also a time to spend and bond with the staff who opted to retire under the Rationalization Plan...

Apr 24 2014

The Agricultural Training Institute – International Training Center on Pig Husbandry (ATI-ITCPH) ended 2013 with another bang, a Farmers’ Field Day cum Graduation Ceremony for the farmers of Batangas. The Center awarded Certificate of Training to the 346 enrollees of the School on-the-Air (SOA) Program in Organic...

Apr 24 2014

 Here is another first for ATI-ITCPH…a project called GATAS or the Government-Assisted Training Arm Support. GATAS is a 5-year Dairy Community Development Project.

Mar 13 2014

 It was a day of celebration not only for the staff but also for the graduates of the first School on-the-Air (SOA) Program of the Agricultural Training Institute - International Training Center on Pig Husbandry (ATI-ITCPH). “It was a happy occasion”, comments one of the graduates after the ceremony.