The ATI Glossary

The ATI Glossary is part of the continuing process to guide the ATI employees and its various customers and stakeholders to ensure consistency and understanding in the complexities of extension. The information contained herein evolved from the previous workshops and in discussions with people of varied experiences in extension.

The ATI Glossary serves as a reference material for the operational use of terminologies of the Institute. It includes terms in extension that people come across in their operations while interacting within the same function group. Terms specific to the Institute are properly contextualized and given a standard meaning for ATI employees to use.

The objective of the ATI Glossary is to serve as an effective tool in guiding the Institute in the performance of its extension function.

The ATI Glossary was taken from the manual of definition of terms produced by ATI, the crafting of this Manual involved the invaluable contributions of many people who helped immeasurably in this endeavor.

The following people are gratefully acknowledged for the support given in assembling the Manual:

ATI Core Team – Mr. Robert A. Cayanos, Dr. Ruth M. Sonaco, Mr. Mario A. Lapitan, Mr. Joey Belarmino, Ms. Arlene G. Ong and Mr. Marciano C. Santos; The Center Directors and Planning Officers of the ATI Network of Training Centers; ATI Committee on ATI Definitions headed by Mr. Roberto T. Masbang; Heads and staff of the various divisions of ATI at Central Office; The ATI Directorate; and To those omitted inadvertently are given due credit.

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