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“About 12 million Filipinos work in the agricultural sector. If the country can significantly increase its exports and imports of agricultural goods, agricultural provinces would generate much greater revenue, provide more employment opportunities, and lessen poverty in rural areas. This is especially important for Mindanao, the country's breadbasket that has great underdeveloped potential for agricultural exports.” – The Arangkada Philippines Project (TAPP) of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, Inc.

first featured at ATI Interactive

The Philippines is globally known for its handicrafts and their export potential. The handicraft industry is the top 11th contributor to the country`s gross domestic product (GDP) for the production and marketing of baskets, bags, decorative and other novelty items. The need for useful information regarding the production of good species is vital in fostering the industry.


Focused on "Empowering Communities towards Globally Competitive and Climate-Resilient Agriculture and Fisheries Sector through Harmonized and Unified Extension Service Delivery", the book lays down the strategic goals, objectives and initiatives of the National Extension System for Agriculture and Fisheries (NESAF) for the next six years.