A Step Towards Healthy Living

first featured at ATI Interactive

Dr. Albert Jo, a medical doctor, established the “Rapha Valley” with the intention of sharing the benefits of good food and nutrition to health.

Rapha Valley is a 7.5 hectare farm situated in a valley-shaped terrain. It was turned into an organic farm, food hub and tourist destination that aims to impart the ideas and principles of proper nutrition for better health. Dr. Jo personally tours the visitors around his farm using the “Point-Explain-Cut-Taste-Explain” method where he lets the guests to see, feel, smell, and taste the herbs and plants. The farm also have simple cottages known as casitas for visitors who wish to extend their stay in the farm.

Dr. Jo’s Rapha Valley uses an aquaphonic system and green manure system, where water and slime from the pond and withered uprooted crops serve as fertilizer to the plants, respectively. Rapha Valley also introduces the back to basic farming in ordinary farm practices such as vermi-composting. Dr. Jo assures that all their products are chemical free.

The place is a perfect spot for vegetarians and health enthusiasts. As an aspiring chef, Dr. Jo started formulating recipes with herbs and vegetables that are beneficial to a person’s well-being. Some of the ingredients he uses are flowers for energy and as antioxidants and gotu kola as memory-enhancer. From salads, main courses and desserts, he makes sure that they would bring healing to the body. Some of Dr. Jo’s famous recipes are black puto, Rapha green flowered salad, pasta with mushroom and tomato herb sauce, squash carrot cake, and turmeric crème brulee, among others.

Dr. Jo emphasizes that to fight many diseases and illnesses – mostly caused by viruses, we must boost our immune system. To do so, we must eat the right and nutritious food that are readily available around us. Like coconut (buko) and horseradish (malunggay) that are rich in Calcium, Vitamins C and A, Potassium, and other Proteins and Minerals that the body needs.

Dr. Albert Jo believes that everything is provided to us by God, we just have to look around and see that there are many plants and herbs that benefit our health, if utilized properly. He also emphasized the advantage of organic farming especially to farmers and their families because of the health benefits that they may have from organic products.

Rapha Valley is located in Km. 48, Barangay Kumalikis, Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental.