Philippine Agriculture and Fisheries Extension StratPlan 2017-2022


Focused on "Empowering Communities towards Globally Competitive and Climate-Resilient Agriculture and Fisheries Sector through Harmonized and Unified Extension Service Delivery", the book lays down the strategic goals, objectives and initiatives of the National Extension System for Agriculture and Fisheries (NESAF) for the next six years.

The AFE Strategic Plan is an important catalyst for growth and development in our country, especially in the rural sector. It highlights the strategic goals or key result areas that the extension service providers must focus so outcomes and impacts will be felt by the clientele. These key initiatives were identified during the regional and national consultation workshops to capture the needs of extension pillars from the top to the grassroots levels. This document maps out the involvements of various AFE stakeholders to steer the development of the agriculture and fisheries sector for the next six years starting 2017. All outputs from the regional and national consultations were integrated to create a national picture of AFE service delivery for the next medium-term planning period. It also capitalizes on the initiatives and programs established under the Philippine Agriculture and Fisheries Extension Strategic Plan 2011-2016. This strategic plan was crafted through the initiatives of ATI’s Policy and Planning Division (ATI-PPD) in collaboration with the Institute’s network of training centers in the country and agencies of the Agriculture and Fisheries Extension Network (AFEN).