Converting Disused Fishponds in Western Visayas into Mangrove Forests

first featured at ATI Interactive

Mangrove forests serve as nursery ground for fish, prawn and crabs while protecting the coastal areas from storm surges, and strong waves and tidal currents. In addition, they are also sources of food and livelihood for the locals.

The book on the “Disused Fishpond Areas Covered by Fishpond Lease Agreement (FLA) in Western Visayas” depicts the conditions of 20 public lands released for fishpond development in the region and how they were converted into mangrove forests.

Specifically, the book tackles Leasing Public Lands to be used as Fishponds; Issues on Fishpond Lease on Areas Suitable for Mangrove Reforestation and on Areas not Suitable for Mangrove Reforestation; and some other Lessons on Fishpond Lease.

The material is an essential source of information for both government and private efforts to rehabilitate the country`s mangrove resources, increase aquaculture productivity, and enhance environmental protection.

Written by Alice Joan Ferrer, Jinky Hopanda, Michael Orquejo, and Alan Dino Moscoso, the book was published through the research project of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), Philippines and the Economic and Environment Program for Southeast Asia (EEPSEA) of the International Development Research Centre in Ottawa, Canada.