Changing Philippine Climate: A Book on the Impacts of the Phenomena on the Country`s Resources

first featured at ATI Interactive

Climate change research has become a highly controversial field of study where researchers from all over the world continuously provide different insights on the global state of the climate.

In its pursuit to promote research on mitigation and adaptation measures on climate change, the Philippine government through the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and the Climate Change Commission (CCC) recently published a book on "Changing Philippine Climate: Impacts on Agriculture and Natural Resources".

This book provides key information about global warming in the Philippines and its potential effects in the country. Specifically, on how climate change would impact agricultural productivity, natural resources, environment infrastructure and society. It provides in-depth discussions on mitigation and adaptation strategies as well as potential risks associated with the expected changes in weather patterns.

It is a useful reference for local policy makers, extension workers, scientists, educators, and other interested parties in making informed choices and decisions on strategies that will help the country effectively adapt to climate change.

The book is now available at the Agriculture and Fisheries Knowledge Resource Center (AFKC) of the Agricultural Training Institute’s (ATI) Central Office in Diliman, Quezon City. This is through the continuous knowledge and resources sharing efforts of ATI and DOST for enhancing clients' access to agriculture and fisheries information.