Climate-Smart Farming Business to Combat Climate Change Problems

Dr. Luz Taposok welcomes participants from ASEAN Member States during opening program of Climate-Smart Farming Business training

MANILA – OIC-Director Luz Taposok of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) stressed the need to shift to a market-oriented farming as some ASEAN Member States gather to undergo training and formulate plans on how to deal with agricultural losses due to the changing climate.
“Sustainable Agriculture Focused on Climate-Smart Farming Business is a practical response to the short and long-term problems caused by climate change.” Dr. Taposok stated during the course orientation and opening program.
She suggested that the farmers all over the world should be directed to new frontiers essential for economic survival under the new “normal climate” through the ASEAN economic cooperation, regional food security cooperation and sound market competition.
“The Philippines, through the Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Training institute distinguishes a proactive approach in achieving sustainable agriculture through focusing on climate resilient farming business to reduce crop damages triggered by climate change.” She added.
The training course on climate-smart farming business will help the agricultural technicians and extension workers to adjust with the changing climate and undertake new market-oriented farming techniques, according to Dr. Taposok.
Through this training, Dr. Taposok is confident that the participants will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, attitude, aspirations and practices necessary for them to efficiently shape economically resilient climate-smart farming business. She believed that climate-smart farming business is an agricultural advancement amidst the challenges of climate change.
The activity was participated by 20 extension workers and farmer officials from selected ASEAN Member States who presented their respective country paper, took series of modules and written action plan papers to be implemented in their areas.
The training course on Sustainable Agriculture Focused on Climate-Smart Farming Business was held last May 14-27, 2017 at Bayview Park Hotel Manila.