Write to Influence

ATI writers at work! Photo by Karl Louise Salibio

Words are mighty. It can create something better or start strife. In other words, it can influence a person’s point of view and decision. Good writers write vividly, creating scenarios and putting the reader in the situation. Truly, to write is a passion. Some may be gifted while others were molded by the ideas and stories that touched them deeply. 
The Agricultural Training Institute Information Services Staff from Luzon and selected regions in Mindanao, together with some staff from the ATI Central Office were visited by ATI Director Dr. Asterio P. Saliot during their Training on Success Story Writing and Packaging. He witnessed how selected participants read their daily journal each day to express their self-doubts and eagerness in the four-day training-workshop. One was Jezelle Dela Cruz from ATI-Region IV-B who questioned herself on her ability to write a good story and if it has a “heart.” 
To boost and inspire the participants, Dr. Saliot shared his experience of being at the lowest point of his life when he was still starting at ATI-Central Office. “Life was tough,” he said and narrated when one Sunday, he went to the church to seek answers from a priest. Instead of directly giving the answers, the priest gave him a piece of paper, wherein he reflected; 
“When I asked for strength, God gave me difficulties to make me strong; 
When I asked for wisdom, God gave me problems to solve; 
When I asked for prosperity, He gave me brain and bones to work; 
When I asked for courage, God gave me danger to overcome; 
When I asked for love, God gave me troubled people to help; 
When I asked for favors, God gave me opportunities.” 
Dr. Saliot then realized that he was not given what he asked for but God gave him more than what he needed, saying “Everything we do has a purpose.” The ATI’s “Tatay” knows the young staff has the skill and looking forward that through the writeshop, the new breed of writers would develop more of their potentials. The ATI Director wants to cultivate their writing skills because he believes that someone must publish the accomplishments and undertakings of the Institute. 
”Through writing, we are trained to think and thus hone our skills and abilities.” Particularly, farmers trained by ATI cannot believe of what they have achieved from adopting the agricultural interventions delivered through the Institute’s services. For them, it was surreal until it transpired and was translated into success stories. 
Dr. Saliot advised the young writers, ”Trigger your minds to think and exercise your body. Develop in yourselves to read daily." He likewise encouraged them to come-up with brilliant thoughts, to write with successful stories - inspiring others through a special connection which is “passion.” The ATI Director encouraged the Information Services Division to pursue the training. He persuaded them to strengthen, build focus and depth over the writeshop in order to expand capabilities. He wants them to learn, discover and be inspired by the surrounding. “The more you think, the more you have something to write. Soon you will realize your potential but only until you go out of your comfort zone.”