Accreditation of Private Organic Agriculture Extension Service Providers (OA ESPs)

Pursuant to the National Organic Agriculture Act of 2010 or the Republic Act no. 10068, the ATI has been mandated to accredit private extension service providers (ESPs) for Organic Agriculture (OA).

Similar to the accreditation of private ESPs, Administrative Order no 11 has been issued last February 29, 2012 to cover the accreditation of ESPs specializing on OA, with the following objectives:

  1. To hasten and improve OA public-private partnership on extension services to the Department of Agriculture's stakeholders;
  2. To provide opportunities and wider participation of the private sector in the conduct of extension services on OA;
  3. To recognize and harness the efforts and capabilities of private institutions / service providers dedicated to the delivery of OA extension services; and
  4. To provide a variety of extension activities to agricultural extension workers, farmers, indigenous people, and other stakeholders in support of the thrusts of AFMA and of the Organic Agriculture Act.

The following institutions/organizations which offer regular agriculture and fishery extension programs are eligible to apply for accreditation:

  • Business entities, PO’s/RBO’s/corporations/e-learning institution/Faith-based organization duly organized under the Laws of the Philippines and registered with Security and Exchange Commission (SEC)/Department of labor and Employment (DOLE);
  • Cooperatives duly registered with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA);
  • Non-profit and non-stock organizations duly registered with SEC
  • Corporations with supporting relevant government laws and regulations allowing them to engage in extension services and;
  • Joint Venture among Filipino OA ESPs and foreign entities may be allowed,if it will result to better extension services, subject to the laws set forth by SEC and the provisions of the Administrative Order no. 11, series of 2012.


The National Organic Agriculture ESP Accreditation Council has been constituted with the ATI Director as Executive Officer and the members are composed of representatives from the Agriculture and Fisheries Extension Network (AFEN), Association of College of Agriculture in the Philippines (ACAP), Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC), National Organic Agriculture Board extension committee, Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Product Standards (BAFPS) and from the private sector who is involved in agriculture selected from a federation. They are mandated to provide overall policy guidelines and directions of the program as well as issue accreditation certificate through the Council's Executive Officer.

Likewise, the Regional OA ESP Accreditation Council has been constituted with the Center Director of the ATI in the region as the Regional Executive Officer who shall be joined by the representatives from the Regional AFEN, PASUC, local government units Organic Agriculture Committee, OA private sector and ATI's regional OA focal person. They shall provide regional policy guidelines and directions of the program, and endorse all approved applications to the National Council's Executive Officer through the National Secretariat for the issuance of Accreditation Certificate.

Filing of applications for accreditation may be done at the Partnerships and Accreditation Division, ATI Central Office in Diliman, Quezon City for the national OA ESPs and for the local OA ESPs, they can submit their applications at the ATI Regional Training Center in their region.