Gusto Ko Organiko - Farmer to Farmer Extension - Goa, Camarines Sur

To help farmers and fellow agricultural extension workers achieve sustainable agriculture in hard-to-reach areas in Camarines Sur, the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Goa, together with the Goa Agri-Producers and Processors Association (GAPPA), brought the trainings closer to the farmers by conducting them in the barangay level. In addition, set up training centers and learning sites that are accessible to both the lowland and upland farmers.

Gusto Ko Organiko - Urban Farming ni Leizl Jose

Leizl Jose reveals the joys of urban farming and shares her farming practice using aquaponics system. She likewise encourages people who live in the urban areas to grow their own organic food in their homes.

Gusto ko, Organiko - Master's Garden ni Pat Acosta

Organic Agriculture practitioner Pat Acosta shares some tips on how to make farming simple, no need for chemical fertilizers, no pesticides.... just maintain the health of your soil...

The School for Practical Agriculture

school for practical agriculture

The School for Practical Agriculture (SPA) is geared towards building the capacities of farmers as community teachers or certified trainers wherein their farms host demonstration areas. These areas are practical agriculture sites where farmers, agri-enthusiasts and out-of-school youths can experience first-hand the featured agricultural processes and practices of the locality.

Agri Pinoy Framework

agrikulturang pilipino video

Agri-Pinoy incorporates principles and practices that optimize the development of Philippine resources, natural and human, to achieve Philippine goals in agriculture and fisheries, and contribute to national development.

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