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Young Filipino Farmers Embrace their Role in Agri Development

Rudy Concepcion (second from left) with fellow YFFTPJ trainees.

In today’s technologically-driven society, millennials seem to be more inclined to seek jobs in the cityscape. However, a group of young farmers in our countryside are stepping up, hoping to create a revolution by going against the grain and aiming for the sustainable.

Part of this group is 21-year-old Rudy Concepcion II of Cauayan, Isabela. For him, agriculture is key to securing the future of the next generations, despite what other young people might perceive of it.

“Agriculture is one of the foundations of our nation and the lifeblood of our economy. If there is no agriculture, we are nothing. Life is secured in agriculture and the earlier we train our youth on farming, the better,” he said.

4-H Club of the Philippines, Determined to ‘Make the Best Better’

PHILIPPINES – Hundreds of members of the 4-H Club of the Philippines convened in summer camps, workshops, forums, and other related events in various localities around the country. This was an effort of the Agricultural Training Institute, through its Regional Training Centers (RTCs), to continuously empower young farmers and agricultural enthusiasts in the country.

ATI Inaugurates First Integrated Learning and 4-H Farm Camp

BONGABONG, Oriental Mindoro – Amid the continually evolving landscape of Philippine agriculture and fisheries, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) aims to bring improved learning and education services to its stakeholders, especially the youth whom the future of the sector depends on. Making this endeavor possible, the ATI inaugurated the country’s first Integrated Learning and 4-H Farm Camp at Gabutero Farms in this town.

Jaya’s Secret Garden: A Peek at a Ten-Year-Old Girl’s Healthy World

Some would say ten year old girls are mostly engaged with their play dolls and make-believe tea parties. Some would even agree that these young girls would care about nothing but prince charming and fairy tales. Even worse, others might add that these girls do nothing but post selfies on social networking sites and gather tons of likes all day long.
How about girls who care for their families, who help inspire others to make a change in their community with their little but significant acts of wonder, or those who share their inherent passion and interest for the welfare of others?

Alleviating Lives Through Adopt-A-Family Program

In Calape, Bohol, a small barangay called Banlasan awaited for little miracles to happen.
The 7.2 magnitude earthquake on October 15, 2013 has shaken not only the land but also the lives and hopes of people in the simple and mountainous community in Banalasan. Almost two years had passed and the scars from that fateful event are still fresh in the memory of the people. As we tread the steep slopes to the barangay center, Edilberta Curambao or Aling Berta, one of the beneficiaries of the Adopt-a-Family program, relayed to us the horror they have experienced during the earthquake.

Things My Hands Can Make: The Coconut Craftsmanship of 4-H youth

What do dragons, chandeliers, vases, trays and home decorations have in common? During the 63rd Farm Youth (4-H) National Convention, they are all made of coconut. Through the hands of the 4-H’ers who were the contestants of the Coconut-based Handicraft Making, coconut, which was dubbed as the tree of life, became even more livelier through the products that came from the work of young men and women from all the regions of the Philippines.

63rd Farm Youth National Convention Leans Towards ASEAN Integration

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol--- The 4-H Clubs are potent forces that have the desire, strong will and energy to take action and spearhead towards a sustainable advancement in the agricultural sector. Given many opportunities, necessary support and acquisition of essential competencies and skills, the 4-H Club members have greater chances to emerge from increasingly, fast-paced and highly motivated competitive world.

ATI, SUCs to Produce More Farm Entrepreneurs

The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) and some State Colleges and Universities (SUCs) in the Philippines joined forces to creatively craft a recognized curriculum for higher education - a curriculum that is leaned in molding students and equipping them to land in suitable jobs needed in the agriculture sector.

ATI Reviews 2012 Performance for 4-H Club Youth Development

LANANG, Davao City---  " Year`s end is neither an end nor a beginning, but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us." -- Hal Borland
This holds true in any organization to assess its performance for the calendar year. With this, the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI), the Department of Agriculture`s extension and training arm, conducted a Year-End Assessment and Sustainable Planning for the 4-H Club Youth Development Program

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