agriculture and fisheries development

Gawad Saka Committees Propose Improvements on Awards Guidelines

LOS BAÑOS, Laguna – Following the success of the 2016 Gawad Saka Search for Outstanding Achievers in Agriculture and Fisheries, national executive and technical committee members convened in a post-evaluation workshop and discussed possible improvements in its mechanics and guidelines.

Social Media for Social Good: Same Mission, New Approach

LOS BAÑOS, Laguna – As new technological advances become more ingrained into society, industries are continually challenged. However, there’s still hope for agriculture to thrive even in this digital age.

Thanks to a team of journalists and social media experts from the local social news network, Rappler, five members of the newly formed Social Media Team of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI), along with other multi-agency group of communicators, learned new strategies to champion the cause of farming and fishing industries in the social media.

ATI Convenes Middle Managers for AF Extension Policy Formulation and Development

DILIMAN, Quezon City---To ensure delivery of quality extension services in agriculture and fisheries, some 25 middle managers from the Department of Agriculture's (DA) attached bureaus and line agencies participated in a workshop on agriculture and fisheries policy formulation and development.  

ATI Ensures Strategic Planning on Agriculture & Fisheries Development for a Resilient Local Governance

DILIMAN, Quezon City -- Adjusting to imminent change and defying climate extremity is a farmer’s and extension worker’s fool-proof approach to further sustain agriculture and fisheries development.

With all the natural calamities the country have gone through lately, it is imperative to know and implement a set of adjustment measures to avert  loss in agricultural productivity and market efficiency while ensuring the protection and preservation of the environment and maintain equity among small farmers and fisher folk.  

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