PAA to Hold 2017 Philippine Agriculturists' Summit, 5th National Congress

 The Philippine Association of Agriculturists Inc. (PAA), the accredited professional organization for the agriculture sector by the Philippine Regulatory Commission, will be conducting its 5th National Congress and 2017 Philippine Agriculturists’ Summit on July 16-19, 2017 at Villa Caceres Hotel, Naga City, Camarines Sur. 

Around 500 professional agriculturists from the local government units, academe, national government agencies and the private sector all over the country who are members of the association are expected to participate in this event.

Farm Schools for Agricultural Development

ATI Director Asterio P. Saliot, the adoptive “Father of Costales Nature Farm,” did not miss the Fourth Organic Harvest Festival. The farm was established by Ronald Costales, a retired IT expert, and then built a strong partnership with the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) for the promotion of Organic Agriculture. Looking back, Costales jumped-off in organic farming from zero knowledge.

Write to Influence

Words are mighty. It can create something better or start strife. In other words, it can influence a person’s point of view and decision. Good writers write vividly, creating scenarios and putting the reader in the situation. Truly, to write is a passion. Some may be gifted while others were molded by the ideas and stories that touched them deeply. 

The ATI Influence

I was an entrepreneur, profit-oriented, meeting due dates and finding additional projects to add to the income of our small business. I have been focused on our food processing shop, taking pleasure from the clients’ satisfactions and still feel I am lacking something.

4th Barangay Agricultural Workers' Congress held in Caraga

The open blue sea, fine white sugar-like sand in the beaches, and well-preserved rivers and falls are just a few in the list of frequently visited places in CARAGA. On the way to see these picturesque views are the wide farm lands which abundantly supplies food in the whole region and its neighboring towns.

Without doubt, the main source of livelihood in Region XIII is agriculture. Thus, the increase in the number of empowered farmers or Barangay Agricultural Workers (BAW) is not a surprise. The region started having 30 BAW members from 2007 which grew every year.

Jaya’s Secret Garden: A Peek at a Ten-Year-Old Girl’s Healthy World

Some would say ten year old girls are mostly engaged with their play dolls and make-believe tea parties. Some would even agree that these young girls would care about nothing but prince charming and fairy tales. Even worse, others might add that these girls do nothing but post selfies on social networking sites and gather tons of likes all day long.
How about girls who care for their families, who help inspire others to make a change in their community with their little but significant acts of wonder, or those who share their inherent passion and interest for the welfare of others?

Brew and Bottle: The Unique 4-H Way of Herbal Medicine Processing

In the 4-Hers’ hands are dirt, branches, twigs, flowers, fruits and leaves that have much potential in making our health, life and world better.

Chemical research has shed the light upon many superstitious practices that have been thought effective cures for human illnesses. Some select few practices and traditions are encouraged to be done because, as it turned out, chemical research proved that they are indeed effective and correct.

Alleviating Lives Through Adopt-A-Family Program

In Calape, Bohol, a small barangay called Banlasan awaited for little miracles to happen.
The 7.2 magnitude earthquake on October 15, 2013 has shaken not only the land but also the lives and hopes of people in the simple and mountainous community in Banalasan. Almost two years had passed and the scars from that fateful event are still fresh in the memory of the people. As we tread the steep slopes to the barangay center, Edilberta Curambao or Aling Berta, one of the beneficiaries of the Adopt-a-Family program, relayed to us the horror they have experienced during the earthquake.

Things My Hands Can Make: The Coconut Craftsmanship of 4-H youth

What do dragons, chandeliers, vases, trays and home decorations have in common? During the 63rd Farm Youth (4-H) National Convention, they are all made of coconut. Through the hands of the 4-H’ers who were the contestants of the Coconut-based Handicraft Making, coconut, which was dubbed as the tree of life, became even more livelier through the products that came from the work of young men and women from all the regions of the Philippines.

Saliot to YES Scholars: Ï don't want you to become employees, I want you to become employers

Dr. Asterio P. Saliot, director of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI), grabbed the opportunity to personally visit the 11 scholars of the ATI's Youth Empowerment through Sustainable (YES) Agriculture Program during their training in GBS Agro Farms at Presbetero Pigcawayan, North Cotabato. Saliot explored the farm along with Councilor Gregorio Salhay and some staff of the ATI Regional Training Center XII.

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