ATI in Caraga Directory

Agricultural Training Institute-Regional Training Center, Region 13 (Caraga) has 27 permanent staff under the new Organizational Structure approved by the Department of Budget and Mangement (DBM).

ATI-RTC 13 Personnel Directory

Office of the Training Center Superintendent


Robert T. Poculan Jr.
Training Center Superintendent II




Samuel L. Calonzo
Training Center Superintendent I




Career Development and Management Services Section (CDMSS)


Jocelyn A. Bayona - Section Chief
Training Specialist III

RBO Alternate Focal Person


Violeta T. Laguna
Training Specialist II
Rice Focal Person




put name hereNeptali V. Madarimot
Training Specialist II

Corn Program Focal Person


Paula Mae A. Creencia
Development Management Officer (DMO) II
GAD Focal Person



....put name here
Media Production Specialist II



Matt Andrew G. Baquianoput name here
Training Specialist I

Alternate Rice Program Focal Person



Information Services Section (ISS)


Information Officer III





Fil Victor A. Babanto
Information Officer II

Knowledge Management (KM) Program Coordinator
0917-9927391 | 0928-4021940


Ginalyn V. Arbutante
Information Officer II





Media Production Specialist (MPS) II





put name here Maria Den A. Boco
Agriculturist I
Alternate OA Program Focal Person




Partnerships and Accreditation Services Section (PASS)


 Heracleo A. Paler - Section Chief
Sr. Agriculturist

HVCD Program Focal Person



Ricardo N. Abao
Agriculturist II

Organic Agriculture (OA) Focal Person



Joel Laure
Agriculturist II

Alternate HVCDP Focal Person



put name here Mary Jane E. Asubar
Development Management Officer I

RBO Focal Person



Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Services


put name here Nena L. Lomuntad
Planning Officer II




put name here Florita A. Garcia
Development Management Officer (DMO) I
Livestock Program Focal Person




put name here Teovelita P. Rodriguez
Project Evaluation Officer (PEO) I
M & E Officer




Administrative and Finance Services


put name here Remedios C. Amilao
Administrative Officer IV




Francis H. Iriarte 
Accountant I



Ligaya M. Antiola
Administrative Officer II
Supply Officer-Designate



Aurea Janine P. Abucay
Dormitory Manger II
Budget Officer-Designate



Lelit I. Abrigo
Administrative Officer I



Ressell Angelie S. Fetalsana
Network Controller




Elena P. Madelo
Administrative Aide VI




put name here Hermis S. Sañez
Administrative Asst. II
Dormitory In-charge



put name here Levi B. Bayona
Security Guard I




put name here Anastacio B. Correa Jr.
Security Guard I




put name here Allan B. Andig
Secuty Guard I




put name here Noel C. Amilao
Security Guard I




put name here Noel C. Cuenza
Admin. Aide I