ATI CAR Recognizes Importance of Mainstreaming GAD in its Programs and Services

 The Agricultural Training Institute-CAR strengthened its intervention on Gender and Development (GAD) with the conduct of the  Training on GAD Planning and Budgeting for ATI and DA-RFO Staff held on February 20-21, 2017 at the Dammuhan Hall, ATI-CAR, La Trinidad, Benguet. 
The activity aims to develop the knowledge and skills of the participants on GAD Planning and Budgeting. Along with this, the participants should be able to explain GAD concepts and how gender issues are identified, and apply gender and analysis tool in preparing GAD Plan and Budget. 
Dr. Florida P. Faculo, certified  GAD Resource Pool member of the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) and presently the President of the Regional Organization of GAD Focal Points of CAR, talked on the GAD concepts, its legal bases, and the various gender analysis tool in preparing GAD plan and budget. 
She emphasized  that GAD is good moral and right conduct, an awareness, and not a battle of both sexes. She added that although GAD is also about women empowerment, however, it becomes a GAD issue if one sex is of less advantage than the other or is deprived of maximixing her/his full potential because of her or his sex.  “GAD is not a hard thing to do… if we only have gender awareness”, she said. 
Further, she discussed about the Concepts of GAD,  Harmonized  Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG), Gender Mainstreaming Evaluation Framework (GMEF),  GAD planning and budgeting guidelines, and the Joint Memo Circular 2012-01  along with the expenses that can and can not be charged  under GAD fund. 
It was also an enlightening  moment when the group was tasked to use the HGDG tool in evaluating  some of the ATI’s program. From which, it was learned that the tool can describe  at what level or stage of gender responsiveness a certain program is.   As defined, the HGDG is a tool to ensure that programs and projects undertaken by the government in their various stages are gender responsive. 
Mr. Bongbong Buli-e of ATI-CAR said that the training will help the Center to fulfill the requirements for the GAD-related audit observation memorandum (AOM).  Ms. Myrna B. Sta. Maria, TCS I, added that the training was filled with insights and that GAD is a concern  that should be understood by everybody.