When you hear of lettuce, the next thing you might be thinking will surely be salads, burgers, sandwiches and many more. Well, there is nothing wrong with that in fact who could say no to that crispy, tender, succulent and vibrantly green leaf ever present in any buffet table. However, have you ever wondered how lettuce is grown? Let us take you deep in the highlands of the Cordillera where that often sought-after leaf is cultivated in often various and splendid ways.

 I see him often during ATI trainings. We usually say our greetings with each other then part ways. One day, I am doing an article about the training he is attending so I took time to ask him for a short interview about his insights on that activity. 

 The colorful beads and intricate tattoos of the Kalinga women are exquisite depiction of their determination and persistence in life amidst an increasingly challenging world, such is Mrs. Berlina Clemencia, a rice farmer of Balong, Tabuk City, Kalinga. Mrs. Clemencia had spent 35 years of her life with her husband, Mr. Honorio Clemencia, tilling their four hectare farm through the scorching sun and the pouring rain.