Enhancing Access to Agriculture and Fishery Extension Knowledge Products and Services

"Kaalaman Pagyamanin, Kapangyarihan at Kakayahan sa Bawat Mamamayan"


This program deals with different extension clients/stakeholders' need for fast access of up-to-date agriculture-related information and knowledge. It includes development, translation, packaging and distribution of knowledge products through multimedia and all other modes of communication that fit specific client system. It maximizes the use of information and communication extension modalities to serve a greater number of stakeholders.


This program has three components.


e-Extension Program

Through Department Order No. 03 series of 2007, ATI became the lead implementing agency in e-learning. This is a collaborative project with various government agencies, State Colleges and Universities and non-government organizations. The program offers certificate courses on agricultural technologies of various commodities especially designed for agricultural extension workers, farmers and fishers throughout the country. The e-learning courses will be delivered via online and blended approaches which integrate field activities and face to face interaction between learners and experts. Learners will have the the opportunity to interact with through online discussions fora.

  • eLearning component
    • caters to alternative mode of training services offering online certificate short courses. Along with the other online courses,  ATI-CAR has developed three eLearning courses, namely: Savoring the Green Brew: The Arabica Coffee Production; Basic Beekeeping, and the Training Management Online Course. On deck are the Advanced Beekeeping and the Enterprise Development online course.
  • e-Farming component
    • alternative mode of Farm or Business Advisory Services which caters to calls, text messages and e-mails. 
  • e-Trading component
    • an avenue where buyers and sellers meet to transact business via the internet. Sellers can post their products for buyers to view online.

Knowledge Management Center

  • Techno Gabay Program 
    • improve Farmers Information and Technology Services (FITS) Center infrastructure, amenities and facilities to increase clients access
    • establish FITS Center in qualified public and private extension service providers
    • enhance the capability of clients to access e-knowledge/learning modalities
    • tap champion farmers (Magsasaka Siyentista) to link with FITS Center
  • School on the Air (SOA) Program
    • Increase allocation of funds to broadcast programs in wider frequency radio stations

Knowledge Products Development

  • Development and distribution of quality knowledge products
    • Develop, package and disseminate knowledge products of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs), indigenous practices, success stories and research results for Knowledge Sharing and Learning (KSL) through various media
    • Localize and disseminate of knowledge products through various media
  • Documentation and sharing of various success stories
    • document good learning experiences
    • document success stories and good agriculture and fishery practitioners 

The center produces/develops both corporate and technology based knowledge products (IEC Materials) for the center use as well as for its clients. Some of these are the following:

Corporate knowledge products:

1. Annual Reports

2. ATI-CAR Newsletter (produced semi annually)

3. Promotional brochures

Technology Based Knowledge Products:

1. Leaflets/brochures on highland vegetable production

2. Leaflets/brochures on cutflowers

3. Leaflets/brochures on vegetable, meat and fruit processing

4. Leaflets/brochures on pest management

5. Leaflets/brochures on organic farming

Others Knowledge Products:

1. Training Designs of various topics

2. Training Modules

3. Handouts on various topics