Citizen's Charter


Our Mission

Empowerment and building capacities of agriculture and fisheries stakeholders for sustainable development.


Our Vision

Food availability and affordability for every Filipino family through excellent extension services in agriculture and fisheries.


The ATI Quality Policy

 The Agricultural Training Institute, as the orchestrator of the National Extension System, ensures harmonized management of agricultural and fishery extension delivery systems in empowering the farmers and fisherfolk for food security, poverty alleviation and social equity for sustainable development


The ATI Quality Policy

Customer Focus

   We give the best.


    We serve with passion.

Innovation and Excellence

    We keep raising the bar

Resource Stewardship

   We work with integrity and teamwork 

Our Frontline Services

  • Training Services
  • Provision of Scholarship in agriculture and fisheries
  • provision of IEC materials and e-Learning courses
  • Library Services
  • Accreditation of Extension Service Providers (ESPs)
  • Provision of extension grants
  • Provision of financial assistance to special extension projects
  • Provision of farm or business advisory services
  • Dormitory and training room services


Our Performance Pledge

We, the officials and employees of the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) in the Cordillera Administrative Region, commit to:

  1. Cultivate a sense of commitment and teamwork among employees;
  2. Ensure utmost transparency, accountability, and partnership in our operations;
  3. Facilitate the flow of information, technology, and other services such as
    • resource management,
    • center management and network establishment,
    • systems standardization, and
    • certification of extension service providers to customers and stakeholders;
  4. Guarantee client-oriented, gender-sensitive, demand-driven, cost-effective, proactive and participatory interventions for local government units to empower farmers and fisherfolk to become more competitive in the global community;
  5. Comple with customer's quality requirements;
  6. Continuously improve the effectiveness of ATI's quality management system through participatory planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation;
  7. Serve clients promptly, efficiently, and with utmost courtesy by authorized personnel with proper identification from Mondays to Fridays, 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. (core hours);
  8. Value every citizen's comments, suggestions, and needs, including those with special needs such as differently-abled, pregnant wormen, and senior citizens; and
  9. Empower the public through 24/7 access to information on our policies, programs, activities, and services through our website



All these we pledge, because you deserve no less.