Success Stories

Over the years, ATI has observed and documented success stories among its clients as a result of its Extension programs. These success stories are living proof of the Institute’s undying effort to provide an improved and proactive extension service to the agriculture sector.

Rice is considered as the staple food in Southeast Asian countries including the Philippines. Farmers play a vital role in the society. They farm to provide food for the people. This includes Rosemarie Centina, also known as “Tita Mayeth”, a 61-year ol farmer who hails from Luisiana, Laguna. 
  by: Minerva Coronacion,   FITS Manager,     Catanauan,Quezon
         What defines success and happiness? Does it entail having a six-digit salary, working the long hours in a  multinational company? Does it mean having a house and car of your own?
 In a quiet community in San Francisco, Quezon, a group of individuals shares more than friendship. They make life-changing decisions for themselves, their families and communities…
 Being an extension worker is more than what meets the eye.