Knowledge Management

Information is getting to be accesible to everybody but it is not a guarantee that those bits of information are useful and plausible.Thus, knowledge management is essential. Knowledge products generated by ATI-Region IVA are categorized mainly into two (2): Print communication (corporate and technology-based)
Corporate communication is aimed at building the image of the center through the publication of information kits, annual accomplishment reports, completion and or documentation reports, operations manual, and newsletters. We already produced four ( 12 ) technology-based leaflets as of June 2009. All of them underwent prototyping before its mass reproduction and distribution.
e-Generated ( webpage and e-Learning )

ATI-Region IVA maximizes the use of the cyberspace in its effort to make information more accessible to the stakeholders. The webpage is a good avenue to promote the institution and to reach out to the stakeholders at a faster and convenient way. The e-Learning courses will give opportunity to the stakeholders to learn agricultural technology while at the confines of their homes or offices or nearby internet shops.