Responsibilities of the EHRDP/YAFP Scholar

The scholar must:

  1. Sign a scholarship contract with the DA-ATI upon approval of the scholarship grant;
  2. Keep up with the standards set by the university/college for his/her degree program and abide by the conditions specified by the scholarship grant;
  3. Not engage in any work for pay or accept other forms of scholarship or fellowship during the scholarship period without the consent of the ATI Capability Building Committee;
  4. Direct all efforts towards the completion of the requirements (academic and thesis) of the degree for which the scholarship is awarded and within the required duration of the program as indicated in his/her Notice of Admission and Contract.  After a semester’s grant the scholar will be entitled to continue as a scholar provided he/she obtains an average of at least 1.75 or its equivalent, has no grade lower than 2 or its equivalent and at the same time no grade of “incomplete “ in any subject. Failure to meet grade requirement automatically disqualifies the scholar;
  5. Conduct his/her research (thesis) work related to the priority programs, goals, towards the development of the agriculture sector; and
  6. Submit semestral academic records to the ATI Capability Building Committee not later than three (3) weeks after the end of semester and before the release of the payment for the succeeding semestral school fees.

Payback/Service Obligation of the Scholar
The scholar upon graduation shall serve the government or the private sector either as extension worker, a farmer entrepreneur or a volunteer leader for one (1 ) year for each year of scholarship.
Breach and Default of Contract
Failure to comply with the conditions contained in the Scholarship Contract through the scholars fault or willful neglect, resignation, voluntary retirement or other causes within his/her control shall be considered a breach and default of contract.

Should there be breach/default, scholars shall pay within one year 100% of the scholarship funds released and/or utilized, without the need of demand.
Mode of Appeal
Upon determination of breach/default, the grantee has thirty (30) working days from receipt of notice within which to file a request for reconsideration with the ATI Capability Building Committee.

The Committee shall decide on the request for reconsideration within seven (7) days from receipt thereof.