YAFP Program Mechanics

Program Mechanics for YAFP Scholarship

  1. The scholarship program shall cover Bachelors Degree related to agriculture, fisheries and other agriculture-related courses;                                 
  2. The scholarship program shall be granted through schools/universities/institutions as approved by the ATI Capability Building Committee; and
  3. The scholar shall study on a full-time basis.

Eligibility Requirements for Scholarship

General Criteria of Eligibility

  1. He/She must be a son/daughter of a bonafide small-scale farmer/fisherfolk;
  2. With parents/guardians having a gross annual income of not more than Php 120,000.00;
  3. Not more than 30 years old at the time of application to the program;
  4. The applicant must not have been a delinquent scholar of a previous scholarship.  A delinquent scholar is one who already enjoyed a scholarship but was unable to complete the program with no justifiable reason;
  5. He/She must be willing to apply in the field of specialization that conforms with the DA-ATI priority agriculture-related commodity/discipline; and
  6. He/She must have passed the entrance/qualifying examination prescribed by the university/college where he/she intends to enroll.

Documentary Requirements

  1. Certification from ATI Regional Training Center that the applicant is a bonafide son/daughter of a small-scale farmer/fisherfolk;
  2. Latest BIR-Income Tax Return of parents/guardians or tax exemption certification from the barangay captain;
  3. Authenticated copy of birth certificate;
  4. Certification of good moral character from high school Principal;
  5. Certification of good health from a government physician with x-ray result taken within the last two months;
  6. Proof of Admission from the University/College;
  7. Personal Data Sheet with one (1)  2” x 2” colored picture; and
  8. Copy of Diploma and Form 137.

Scholarship Support/Privileges

Scholars shall be entitled to the following support/privileges:

  1. Matriculation and other school fees (actual and as assessed by the school/university not exceeding Twenty Five Thousand Pesos (Php 25,000) per semester;
  2. Books/school supplies Allowance of Php 3,000.00 per year;
  3. Monthly stipend of Php 3,000per month;
  4. Research allowance of Php 9,000 to be given in full during the conduct of the research;
  5. Transportation allowance of Php 2,500 per month;
  6. Graduation fees (as assessed by the school/university) not exceeding P3,000.00;
  7. One-time relocation allowance of Php 10,000 to be granted to scholars who have to study outside their region; and
  8. Reimbursable one time round trip (economy) fare to and from place of residence to be given at the start and end of the scholarship period.