EHRDP Program Mechanics

The EHRDP scholarship program shall cover the following:

Advanced Degree Courses on:

  • Agriculture and Fisheries;
  • Food Science;
  • Veterinary Medicine;
  • Environmental Science and Management;
  • Forestry and Natural Resources; and
  • Other Agriculture-Related Field

 Specialized Courses

  • Short-Term Course Work for Special Skills (e.g., Post-Baccalaureate Diploma Course) as approved by the ATI Capability Building Committee
  • Dissertation or research as a requirement for Doctorate Degree

Educational Tour/Field Visits

  • Activity design should be submitted to the ATI Capability Building Committee.

Non-Degree Courses

  • Local
  • International

Local and international non-degree courses shall be offered to the Department of Agriculture (DA), Local Government Units (LGUs), State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and to other practitioners in agriculture and fisheries.


Eligibility Requirements for EHRDP Scholarships

Advanced Degree Courses

  1.  The candidate should have rendered service for at least two (2) years in the Department and/or bureau/attached agency/office as a permanent employee thereof;
  2. The candidate should be nominated by the Scholarship and Training Committee and endorsed by the Agency Head;
  3. The candidate must not have been awarded any degree or non-degree grants during the last year for local scholarships;
  4. He/she must have at least a satisfactory rating for two (2) consecutive rating periods immediately preceding the date of nomination;
  5. The candidate must be in good health, as certified by a Physician;
  6. The candidate should not exceed the age limit of 45  years old  for Master’s degree and 50 years old for Ph.D.;
  7. The candidate must not have pending  criminal/administrative case;
  8. The candidate must meet the requirements for admission to the state colleges and universities and other accredited private institutions where he intends to study.

Specialized Courses

For Specialized Courses, the eligibility requirements are the same with that of the Advanced Degree Courses. In addition, those applying for dissertation/research grant shall submit the abstract of his/her proposed dissertation/research.


Documentary Requirements

The following documents are to be submitted to the Extension Programs and Partnership Division (EPPD) of the ATI-Central Office for scholarship applications:

  1. Prescribed Application Form (if provided by the School/University);
  2. Personal Data Sheet with one (1) colored 2” x 2” picture;
  3. Authenticated copy of Birth Certificate;
  4. Copy of Diploma and Transcript of Records;
  5. Certified copy of Appointment;
  6. Latest Service Record duly certified by the Administrative Officer of his/her Office/ Agency;
  7. Actual duties and responsibilities duly certified by his/her Immediate Supervisor;
  8. Certified copies of Performance Rating for the last two (2) rating periods;
  9. Certificate of no pending administrative case;
  10. Certification from the Agency/Office head indicating that the nominee is permitted to go on study leave; 
  11. Certificate of Admission from the accredited university/college;
  12. Abstract of his/her Master’s Thesis, if applying for the Ph.D. level; and
  13. Medical certification with x-ray results taken within the last two (2) months.


Scholarship Support/Privileges

Advanced Degree Courses

Scholars shall be entitled to the following privileges:

  1. Full basic salary and other benefits from the mother agency for the duration of the scholarship;
  2. Matriculation and other school  fees (actual as assessed by the University/School);
  3. Book/School Supplies Allowance of Ten Thousand Pesos (Php 10,000) per semester for Masteral and Doctoral Degrees or Seven Thousand Pesos (Php 7,000) per trimester, or pro-rated as to number of months as necessary if course/program does not follow the semester/trimester schedule;
  4. Monthly stipend of Eight Thousand Pesos (Php 8,000)
  5. Thesis/Dissertation support of a maximum of Fifty Thousand Pesos  (Php 50,000) for Masteral Degree and One Hundred Thousand (Php 100,000) for Doctoral Degree or dissertation research or based on budget  as approved by the Adviser;
  6. Graduation fees (as assessed by the School/University);
  7. One-time relocation allowance of Ten Thousand Pesos (Php 10,000) to be granted to those scholars who have to study outside their region; and
  8. Reimbursable one (1) round-trip fare to and from place of residence/place of assignment, to be given at the start and end of the scholarship.

Specialized Courses

Recipients of short-term training programs (local) shall be entitled to the following   privileges:

  1. Full basic salary and other benefits to be paid by the mother agency for the duration of the course;
  2. Fee including food and accommodations or per diems for the duration of the course work;
  3. Thesis/Dissertation support of a maximum of Fifty Thousand Pesos (Php 50,000) for Masteral Degree and One hundred Thousand (Php 100,000) for Doctoral Degree or dissertation research or based on budget  as approved by the adviser; and
  4. Traveling expenses (including round-trip airfare) in going to and from the school/ university.


Obligations/Responsibilities of the Scholar

     The scholar must:

  1. Sign a Scholarship Contract with ATI upon approval of the scholarship grant;
  2. Keep up with the standards set by the university/college for his/her degree program and abide by the conditions specified by the training grant;
  3. Conduct himself/herself in such a manner as not to bring disgrace or dishonor to his/her Agency/Office;
  4. Not engage in any work for pay or accept other forms of scholarship or fellowship during the scholarship period without the consent of the ATI Capability Building Committee;
  5. Pursue his/her degree program at the duly designated university/college and in the field of specialization indicated in the Scholarship Contract;
  6. Direct all efforts towards the completion of the requirements (academic courses and thesis/dissertation) of the degree for which the scholarship is awarded and within the required duration of the program as indicated in his/her Notice of Admission and Scholarship Contract;
  7. After a semester’s grant the scholar will be entitled to continue as a Scholar provide he/she obtains an average of at least 1.75 or its equivalent, has no grade lower than 2 or its equivalent and at the same time no grade of “incomplete” in any subject. Failure to meet grade requirement automatically disqualifies the scholar;
  8. Awardees must complete all the requirements for the Degree within the prescribed period of the program.  Extension of one (1 semester may be granted upon presentation of valid justifications/reasons, such as but not limited to: disability, sickness, incidents considered as fortuitous events/force majeure and not solely upon the grantee’s behest and/or personal reasons, and upon approval of the ATI Capability Building Committee. In case of non-approval of extension, the awardee shall shoulder the additional expenses to complete the degree as stipulated in the Scholarship Contract; and
  9. Conduct his/her research (thesis/dissertation) work related to the priority programs, goals and thrusts geared toward the development of the agriculture sector.


Payback/Service Obligation

The grantee shall serve his/her Office and/or the Department of Agriculture after the scholarship/training for a period of four (4) years per Section 2 of Executive Order No. 367.

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