University of Antique, DA-ATI Conduct IEC Development Seminar-Workshop

SIBALOM, Antique -- With extension as one of its main function, the University of Antique (UA) have been fervently supporting the endeavors of its extension arm in capacitating its faculty and staff involved in the implementation of extension projects.
Hence, to further improve their capabilities through the development and production of information, education and communication (IEC) materials, UA’s University Extension Services together with Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Training Institute (DA-ATI) conducted a two-day Seminar Workshop on Documentation and IEC Materials Development.

Thirty members of the faculty and staff from the different colleges of University of Antique attended the seminar-workshop. Likewise, Information Support Specialists (ISS) and Technical Support Specialists (TSS) from the Farmers’ Information Technology Services (FITS) Centers inTobias Fornier, Pandan, Hamtic and Tibiao joined the seminar-workshop.

The seminar-workshop generally aimed to capacitate the faculty and staff of University of Antique as well as those FITS centers under UA on developing and packaging IEC Materials with focus on printed materials. Likewise, it hopes to share the lessons learned and best practices of extension projects through the development and reproduction of printed IEC materials.

Included in the seminar-workshop were lectures on process documentation and developing, designing and packaging printed IEC materials. Also a guided workshop facilitated by Benedict C. Natividad, ATI's Creative Arts Specialist, was held on the use of Microsoft Publisher, a desktop publisher program used by the participants in developing their IEC materials which serve as their outputs of the workshop. Aroud 15 IEC materials on their extension projects were developed during the two-day workshop and these will be finalized and disseminated.

In her message, Dr. Elena M. Calumbiran UA’s Vice President for Academics said that it is the university’s responsibility to serve not only the students but also the community where it is located. “For our community our aim is to help its social economic development, it is with this goal that the university extension service unit paved its way for this seminar-workshop” Calumbiran said.

The seminar-workshop on IEC material Development was held last April 7-8, 2011 at University of Antique, Sibalom, Antique. (Benedict C. Natividad)

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